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Centuria I, Experimentum 25: (dis)continuous tastes 2013

An experiment in self-observation and self-documentation

For 10 weeks I took a snapshot each weekend of the widget image showing the last 8 albums listened to via Play Music (which I use only for music bought via Google - I use Music Folder Player Full for other music on my phone, and, yes, I also have a "classical" stereo at home).
So what follows isn't a documentation of music listened too, but a documentation of a subset.

I did it because I was/am interested in the speed of change of my musical tastes/predilections/fads.  I intend to repeat this experiment sometime next year.

I intended to publish the results here, with pictures/screenshots. But that seems to include to much visual information for blogger. So I'll just provide statistical data for the first 2 weeks of that period.

You can mail me if you want to have the images.


Nono: 1
Ravi Shankar: 2
Xenakis: 2
Bix Beiderbecke: 1
John Cage: 1
Deep Purple: 1


Bach: 2
Liszt: 1
Xenakis: 2
Holliger: 1
Cage: 1
Deep Purple: 1