Centuria I, Experimentum 42 : Somewhat strange start of term

Invisible Students

We have a master in mediaeval and renaissance studies (Masterstudiengang "Mittelalter- und Renaissancestudien). There is a compulsory methods seminar for first year students of this master. The number of our first years this time is something like 13. There are two "slots" of this compulsory methods seminar. One is on Monday, and one is on Tuesday. Both of these slots are/were scheduled to start this week. And I was present on both occasions.

  On Monday there were 3 students present. So there should have been some 10 students present today (Tuesday). All of these 10 students were completely invisible and and none of them did make any noise, uttered any word audible to me for all of the ca. 30 minutes I was present in that room.

I hope they will be better visible, and louder, next Tuesday.

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