Centuria I, Experimentum 28: (dis)continuous tastes continued

Ephemerial self-observation

Back in May 2013 I did some xeperiments concerning my tastes re music. I did this again this year (June to August 2014), less systematically. This screenshot documents the results:
Comparing this to the May 2013 set: Bach, Nono, and Pink Floyd are still rather prominent. The rest fluctuates.

Such fluctuation is to some degree linked to what books I read (out of work) : when reading Hugo I heard more Boulez than I do normally, when I'll start re-eading Moby Dick I'll be probably listening to more music by John Cage than I did during the past months, re-reading Heinrich Mann's Henri Quatre may or may not result in listening to some Hindemith ... . And I'm somewhat on the hunt for books that make me listen to Alvin Lucier (Stanisław Lem did that [:-)] ).

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