Centuria I, Experimentum 10 : Potterverse observation live

I did not know that such texts were/are still written: something new and (IMO) worth reading on the Potterverse: 
Emily Asher-Perrin: Severus Snape Does Not Deserve Your Pity (2013-04-23!) (some interesting comments there too).

(Seen thanks to a comment by bnmc2005 at http://rattlesnakeroot.livejournal.com/234628.html#comments 

But, well, +Cornelia Rémi's great Harry Potter Bibliography is still alive  too (last update 2013-03-01).

Note to self: If I left a room: that doesn't mean that there may be no people in there still having fun. [:-)] (cf. Still on this side of the threshold (but only just). (a_waffling, 2011-02-15) )


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