Centuria I, Experimentum 9 : Limits to comments

Yes, you need a G+ account to be able to comment here.

No, this is not intended as an incitement for you to get a G+ account if you don't already have one.

It is a result of the creation of this blog as a means to test integration between a blog and a social network. 

Openness for comments here is even less limited than at my "first" blog  Theoria magiae non est magia mere theoretica (ut probatur) , where you have to be not only an LJ member, but also to be on my flist there to be able to comment.  (I opted for these restrictions there because - quasi - all of the meaningful comments I got there came from people on my flist there anyway; the rest was spam in more than 90% of the cases).

If you feel that you want something published as a comment here and do not have a G+ account: you might want to send me an email (probably best to my office address [ hck@lrz.uni-muenchen.de ], as I expect that most such comments will be concerning posts on Renaissance intellectual history, DH, academic politics, etc.).
I won't promise you that I'll publish your comment, but I will consider to do so.

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