Centuria I, Experimentum 16 : non ultimum

I have reason to apologise to +Google : yesterday (2013-05-16) I wrote:

Probably my last post here.

Google has decided to display adds with my  blog here.

As some of these adds are indecent, and as far as I can see none of them are connected to what I post(ed) there about: I guess I'll stop adding items to this blog.

*It's their show. But I won't contribute as a singer.*

I might have been willing to pay for the use of the platform. But I am not willing to pay by providing decoration for adds.

Maybe I'll open a second blog over there at LJ some time in the future. Or I'll try to use _diaspora_ for a blog (although it's not really suited for that).

But I guess: unless they change that adds thing here: I'm off.

<2013-05-17> I was wrong, very very wrong: The problem is resolved: my machine was infected by _OpenCandy_ ( http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/threat/encyclopedia/entry.aspx?Name=Adware:Win32/OpenCandy )  , and our anti virus product was a bit slow in detection.  

I guess I should have checked better before (  's reflexes were better than mine). One of the reasons for my wrong reaction was, that with all the changes connected to #newgoogleplus I assumed changes concerning my blogspot blog would also originate from google. I was wrong, completely wrong. I sincerely apologise to +Google  !!! 

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