Centuria I, Experimentum 13 : Channels, Numbers

What items amongst my ephemeral/ephemeridial posts (et alia similia) are read how often? Which channels distribute information and musings posted by me most efficiently?

I've no idea. But I have some - potentially surprising - numbers.

Let's start with this blog here: According to blogger  entries have been read between 6 times (Centuria Prima, Experimentum 2, one of the few English language posts here has 7 views, Centuria I, Experimentum 8: Grillo : Cui bono? , the only Italian post here ranks lowest with 6 views) and 46 times (Centuria I, Experimentum 4 : Vasoli gestorben ). The thread in Web4Ren Forum (W4RF) on the same topic (Vasoli's death) has 374 views.

I have now idea how many of the 674 "followers" I have on twitter do read this or that or no tweet by me; on average I get 1 reply/RT/mention there per day. 
No idea as to how many people actually read what I post on G+ (mind you: most of my posts there are limited to one or a few of my topical "circles" there, not visible to the general public); on an average day I get some 10 reactions/interactions per day there. (The "community" Renaissance Studies (sensu largo) ca. 1348 to ca.1648 there has 50 members, Mediaeval and/or Renaissance Studies programmes all levels (BA, MA, PhD), specialised or interdisciplinary has 37; both "communities" are public.)

The 2013-04-29 Web4Ren Forum (W4RF) post linking/pointing to Egel's 2008 German language M.Phil. thesis on Montaigne has been read 101 times.

The result is: the niche webforum Web4Ren Forum (W4RF)  gets far more views (in comparison) than I expected, and I don't understand the differences concerning the other channels I use either. 
If you want writing access to Web4Ren Forum (W4RF) : do let me know. [:-)]

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